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Braun 50mm Lens



For many years, sitting around in a box, I had a Braun - Reflex Ultralit lens (1:2.8/50) from a late 50s, early 60s Braun Paxette SLR camera like the one seen on the left.

The lens is quite snazzy, the aperture is set within the camera and as it is altered, two red markers move in and out on the top of the lens to indicate the depth of field.


The fitment of the lens is a system called DKL, so for fun, I checked ebay and found that it was possible to get a DKL to Nikon converter. More for fun than anything else, I decided to get an adapter and see how the lens performs on a DSLR.

The DKL to Nikon adapter has a built in aperture adjustment ring to stand in for the one on the original camera, but there is no aperture release connection to the camera itself. All lens settings therefore have to be set manually before shooting.


The lens has some interesting abberations, which effectively makes it behave like a high-quality Lomo lens.